Weekly Blogs and Social Posts

There are 2 parts to this weekly assignment.

1: Blog Copy

Objective: To write a blog post adhering to AP Style and considering SEO value.

Project Deliverables:

  • 300 word blog with SEO friendly title
  • Featured image with relevant caption (I use unsplash.com for free stock photos)
  • Must adhere to AP Style
  • Topic will be assigned each week in posting below instructions here
  • Blogs are more conversational and entertaining with value-adds for the reader than a press release, which is more informative.

2: Social Media Account

Objective: To create a company social media account to support your PR efforts and share company information.

Project Deliverables:

A Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram account for your startup company

    • If you are working with an existing company, you should create a handle that identifies this project. For instance, if you were creating a Twitter account for Starbucks then you could name it something such as @COMMstarbucks or @PRstarbucks. If you made up a company then you can use the main name if available.
    • Fill out the profile on the social network as if you would for the actual company. This should include tasks such as name, bio, and updating the profile pictures.
    • Make at least one post each week along with your blog copy [post link in blog so I can find it easily]
    • Be as professional as possible! Remember, you could use this in your portfolio when you start interviewing for jobs.

Weekly Blog Topics

Post 1: Topic: Feature story about an employee, can be about you or can be fiction [may use question and answer format]

Post 2: Topic: Open (your pick!); Email me if you can’t decide on a topic, thanks! Don’t forget to make a social post, too!

Post 3: Topic: Write about an upcoming event that your company is having or a community event that your company is sponsoring. The goal is to get people to your event while also posting all the event details. The tone should be informative yet enticing.

Post 4: Topic: Review your fellow classmates’ websites and find an interesting press release that semi-relates to your business. Write a blog post based on the info given in the press release.

Post 5: Topic: Write a tips blog based on an aspect of your business. Something like “5 Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding” or “How to Find the Right Cigar for You.”

Post 6: Topic: Write a press release announcing your speech and post it on your blog.

Post 7: Topic: Write a blog featuring something that an employee or the company achieved such as an award.

Post 8: Topic: Write a blog about a new service or product that your company is offering.

Post 9: Topic: Write a blog that is helpful and/or educational for your customer that isn’t selling something directly.

Post 10: Topic: Your choice!