Speech Assignment

Required Reading:

  • Chapter 13: Speeches Presentations and Other Orally Delivered Messages

Update: Please have a typed copy of your speech with you in class on Thursday 3/28/19 for peer review activities.

Project Deliverables:

  1. In-Class Speech
    1. Write a speech for an executive at your company to give at an event such as a fundraiser, news conference, internal company event, etc. In this instance, you will be that executive.
    1. Topic of your choice related to your company’s pursuits and based on the event in question
    1. Pick either a persuasive or an entertaining speech (all described starting on page 300 of the textbook)
    1. Speech should include at minimum an introduction, body, and conclusion and be delivered in approximately five minutes (practice to make sure it fits time)
    1. Give your speech in class starting March 28, 2019