Press Release Assignment

Due: Midnight 2/25/21

The textbook discusses press releases/news releases thoroughly if you need more information. There are different kinds of press releases, but for the purpose of this project, you will simply create a traditional news release format as discussed in the textbook.

Class Discussion and Review: Purdue OWL Press Releases

The company should correlate to your first project for this class. Options:

  1. If you picked option one for project one then you should create the press release from scratch. I suggest you find a similar company online and one of their press releases and then mimic the style.
  2. Ditto if you picked option two.
  3. If you picked a real company for project one then mimic its existing press release style only with you or your PR manager as the contact.

Project Deliverables:

  1. Press Release #1 (500 words)
    1. Conform to the press release in the text or examples given in class
    2. Must be AP Style
    3. Must include at least one image with caption
    4. Must have a lead with the 5 Ws
    5. Must include a crafted quote written by you just for the press release
    6. Must include boilerplate copy

Project Submission: Email me your press release as a Word or Google document. After you receive an initial grade and suggested edits, you will post on your website in a media room as part of the final project.

Examples of press releases, press rooms, and online media centers: