Press Conference :: Group Presentation

Project Deliverables:

  1. Your group will organize a press conference for the company of your choice. Each person will be responsible for their own written/spoken piece, but you should interact together to make decisions about each piece to make sure the press conference flows and that materials and messaging our cohesive.
    1. The PR person is in charge of writing a press release to announce the press conference and introducing the speaker at the press conference. The PR person will also help answer questions after the speech.
    1. The executive is in charge of writing a speech and giving the speech at the press conference. The executive will also answer questions after the speech with the help of the PR person.
    1. The reporter(s) are in charge of asking questions after the speech and writing a blog article about the press conference. Each reporter should write their own article. You will pre-write the blog article, but you will ask the questions at the press conference (so they questions and answers should be pre-planned).



  1. Be creative with the planning i.e. type of press conference, dress, presentation, etc.
  2. Have fun! You should entertain us. Don’t be boring.


Project Submission:

  1. Please post your written piece on your website by the start of the class in which you are presenting.
  2. The press conference should take approximately 10 minutes so plan accordingly



  • 20% creativity
  • 30% overall team collaboration
  • 50% clarity and cohesiveness of individual written contribution

Group 1:

PR: Ace

Speech: Bernadette

Reporter: Vaios

Group 2:

PR: Kathy

Speech: Ari

Reporter: Rob

Reporter: Sam

Group 3:

PR: Justine

Speech: Jennifer

Reporter: Trea

 Group 4:

PR: Kaitlyn

Speech: Chelsi

Reporter: Madilyn

Group 5:

PR: Brady

Speech: Andrew

Reporter: Riyyan

Reporter: Harris