Midterm Spring 2021

Your website should be ready to go with home page, mission/vision/values page, and a blog section (with blogs 1-4 posted). This is worth 100 points.

  1. Website Home Page featuring: 
    1. Company Name
    2. Tagline
    3. About Us copy to also be used as boilerplate copy for your future press releases
  2. Mission, Vision, Values Page featuring:
    1. Mission (why does the company exist?)
    2. Vision (what is the future of the company?)
    3. Values (guiding principles that dictate desired behavior and action)
  3. Blog page with posts 1-4

Previous student websites are available on my website if you need a visual sample. Feel free to browse through them for ideas.

Send me an email by April 8, 2021 to let me know your site is finished and ready to be graded.