Email Pitch Assignment

{Please note: This project/assignment must be completed in class.}

Partner Portion of Project

STEP 1: Email your press release to a classmate. You should write down comments/edits and then meet together to discuss potential revisions.

Press Release Review: Similar to the feedback we gave for the in-class presentations, please give them positive feedback and constructive ways they can improve their press release. Is anything missing? Is it enticing enough? Is the writing concise and informative?

STEP 2: Review and revise your press release per their feedback.

Individual Portion of Project

STEP 3: Research media outlets online that might be interested in picking up your press release/story idea and find a specific reporter/writer/editor at that outlet to target your email pitch to.

STEP 5: As per our discussion in class, draft an email pitch, pitching your press release, with the reporter you found as your target audience. This is not restating the press release. This copy should be concise, pithy and entice the journalist to WANT to read your press release. You can be more creative with the email pitch. Why does this particular outlet care about your story? How will it benefit them? Subject line is very important!

STEP 6: Copy your email pitch into an email to me ( as if I was the reporter and include a link to your press release. Due by end of class.