Company Startup Website Project

PR Writing: Company Startup Website Project      

Due: Refer to syllabus

Options for Company

  1. You were hired as part of a cool, new startup company. Name the company and develop the materials/project deliverables with you as the owner and/or public relations manager. You can really make up whatever titles you want.
  2. Create your own PR agency from scratch. This option allows you to develop materials for creating your own PR agency that you could potentially use in the future. For example, you might start your own agency to work specifically with publicity for NFL players or restaurants or bands.
  3. Imagine you are a PR agency that was hired to revamp materials for an existing company. You pick the company and edit its existing materials. For example, you might be hired to give a facelift to Macy’s materials such as its tagline, mission, vision, and values. This option will require a reflective blog post on why your choices are better than the original.

Now build a website for your company … I recommend WordPress, but you can use whatever platform you are most comfortable with!

Project Deliverables:

  1. Company Name and Tagline (company slogan used in advertising) featured on home page with About Us copy
  2. Company website with Mission, Vision, Values Page [Mission (why does the company exist?); Vision (what is the future of the company?); Values (guiding principles that dictate desired behavior and action)]
  3. Link to company blog, which may have a clever name as well, prominently featured

You will present your finished website to the class. First, you will submit the URL by the start of the next class period to with the email subject line: [enter your full name here]’s website for PR Writing 2020. Be prepared to present when called on.

Suggested Examples and Articles: