COD 1102 Spring 2020

Tuesday 3/31/20: No Class, Spring Break

Tuesday 3/24/20:

No in-class meeting due to school’s virus cancellation. Assignments due via email to

Freewrite topic: What is your strategy for researching a school project? How do you handle going to the library on your own? What do you first? Do you ask for help? What’s the overall experience like?

Items due today (3/24) by Midnight:

  • Freewrite for the day
  • Homework assignment from 3/10
  • 2-page bio assignment
  • 2-page movie analysis of “Mary Shelley”

Tuesday 3/17/20: Class Canceled by COD

Tuesday 3/10/20:

In-class: Watch “Mary Shelley” movie

2-page bio assignment due via email by 3/24 (send to

2-page movie analysis assignment due by Tuesday 3/24/20

Homework (in place of in-class freewrite): Read this article and write a 1-page analysis

Potential sources for biography:

The Biographical Element in the Novels of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Author(s): Walter Edwin Peck
Source: PMLA, Vol. 38, No. 1 (Mar., 1923), pp. 196-219
Published by: Modern Language Association

Access online at COD and download to your computer using the Stable URL:

Tuesday 3/3/20:


Freewrite (30 minutes/at least one full page): How much do you know about your family history?

Watch the documentary: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

2-Page Biography Assignment: In MLA format (we will discuss more in class), write a two-page biography of Mary Shelley based on information from the documentary shown in class and from at least two additional sources (may be web sources but not Wikipedia); must have Works Cited page in MLA format.