Once upon a time, there was a girl named Kate. When asked at a job interview what she did in her free time, Kate answered dogs. That’s because Kate has four fur-children that take up most of her time and money. She also volunteers for and actively supports Free Spirit Siberian Rescue.

When Kate is not spending time with her four-legged family and friends, she teaches English and PR Writing. She also loves to read and write about almost any topic. Kate has a passion for the written word and the latest in technology. In fact, she has written more than her fair share of mobile app reviews. Check out the Digital Content Projects to read some.

Kate is a life-long learner and earned a master’s degree in English Literature from DePaul University and a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Purdue University. She worked as a freelance writer and in communication, public relation, and marketing roles for various companies before endeavoring to be a part-time college teacher. She hopes to continue writing and creating content for companies while teaching the next generation how to spell and communicate with each other even if it is only while typing a pithy text message on their trendy mobile devices.