My Digital Reading List

This is a working list of all the websites or iPhone apps that I visit on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Content topics from these providers range from general news and career advice, to literature and fashion.


  • {pithy daily news + iPhone calendar integration for major events}
  • {do I really need to explain this one?}
  • {includes everything from interior design to career advice}
  • {peek inside some of the most fascinating closets around the world}
  • {free daily workouts and nutrition advice}
  • {meditate every day for a happy soul and calm brain}

Weekly and Monthly:

  • {keeping scholarship relevant on a day-to-day basis}
  •  {team lenny unapolgetically tackles the important topics of today’s society}
  • {the absolute best place to read long-form journalism}
  • {Paltrow’s intellectual and trend-focused team knows what’s up in the world}
  • {hooked on the podcast: Pardon my French}
  • {swell advice for creative working women}

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