Author: kcseiferth


What to Read and Watch: Gilmore Girls vs. Mary McCarthy’s The Group

My consumption of Gilmore Girls via Netflix has overtaken my reading of Mary McCarthy’s The Group. Do you also find that you tend to watch more Netflix on your Kindle Fire than actually reading books on it? I knew I should have bought the basic version of the Kindle. My guilt over not reading more became self-evident when Rory, played by Alexis Bledel, was spotted reading Mary McCarthy on a bus bench in the first season. Here is this fictional, high school girl reading a book that I am still procrastinating on as full-grown adult, and instead of reading, I am watching old TV shows. Rory Gilmore is the level-headed daughter of the more bohemian Lorelai, who left home at 16 because she was pregnant with Rory. Lorelai, played by Lauren Graham, comes from an upper-class family that she could not tolerate as a rebellious teen. The mother-daughter pair entrances me on my Kindle screen. I want to be both of them at the same time.They are witty and smart and all kinds of what …